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Our clients are embracing an always-on and an always-

ready approach to communications. So is Edelman.

Storytelling at the speed of now – the theme of this

year’s Summit – is deeply embedded in the DNA of PR.

While the idea of a brand or a corporation telling its

own story, in its own voice, in real-time, may seem

new, it’s not. In fact, it is simply an evolution of what

we have been practicing in PR for years. What is

different, of course, is the velocity and the proliferation

of channels.

Today, ideas and content must flow furiously at a pulse

rate that the digital landscape demands. But that

quickening doesn’t obviate some basic truths. We must

never lose sight of the importance that quality

storytelling and a journalistic mindset have in an

ecosystem where there is simply too much content and

not enough time.

Keynote Remarks from Richard

Edelman, CEO /

June 26, 2014

Storytelling @ The Speed of Now

This, among many other reasons, is why I am convinced

that PR is now poised to become a more prominent

discipline in marketing services. More on this in a bit.

First, let’s start off with a look at what’s now – the key

trends we see emerging.

Then I will talk about the future and the role that

you and your students will play in a world where

companies like ours now must seamlessly blend

earned, owned and paid content strategies. (And yes,

I will assign homework.)

What’s Now

Let’s begin with an update on “what’s now.” When we

last convened at Stanford University in 2012 I urged

you to equip your students to:

1. Embrace a more visual approach – to both show

and tell